3 Common Roofing Scams To Avoid

Scammers are rampant anywhere possible and these days, more homeowners have become victims of those taking advantage of their renovation needs.  They do not only get a large amount of money but leave you with more problems that will cost you double. Roof repairs, apparently, are among the most common scam-prone projects. And while being extra cautious is already a necessity, it still pays to be informed of common roofing scams. In this post, we list down the most common of these scams. 

3 Common Roofing Scams To Avoid

1. Overcharging and Undercharging for Service

All roofing companies can charge whatever they want for their services, but understand that only reputable ones will offer you a reasonable price for specific labor. To ensure you get an appropriate and accurate quote, you can easily get estimates from contractors. The average cost should be easy to spot if you consider asking over three trained professionals.

2. Improper Repairs

This type of scam may leave your roof looking great at first, but performing nearly as bad as it was before. However, this is probably too difficult to notice because you’ll have to keep track of changes after the actual work is done. Remember that if a roofing contractor offered you a cheap quote for the job, think twice.

3. Unnecessary Fixes

Although there are roofing scammers that may do less amount of the needed work, there are also those who are performing too much of it. The difference between unnecessary work and thorough service is huge. This, again, can be a bit hard to distinguish. That’s why it’s always ideal to call a local roofer that’s trusted, licensed, and is guaranteed to have wide experience in the field.

Instead of choosing just any roofer for a critical storm repair job like roof replacement, it’s best to turn to a company that has extensive experience in storm damage restoration projects for residential and commercial properties. Call Progressive Remodeling & Roofing Company at (833) 385-0685  or fill out our online contact form to get started. Visit our Facebook page.

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