How Does Moisture Cause Damage to Your Roof?

Your roof may be made of the sturdiest materials, but that doesn’t make it completely immune to moisture damage. According to our roof replacement experts, keeping the roof safe from moisture damage is one of the biggest challenges of roof maintenance. Here’s a rundown on how water can affect your roof. 

How Does Moisture Cause Damage to Your Roof?

Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage can ruin the look of your roof and lower your home’s curb appeal. Moisture can create unsightly ring spots on the roof’s surface and underneath the ceiling. It can also cause dark reddish, green, or brown streaks running down the roof. However, experts consider this type of damage.

Rust and Rot

Even roofs with rust-resistant surfaces can’t completely avoid rust and rot. As soon as the water gets past the underlayment or condenses due to poor insulation, more vulnerable components such as non-stainless fasteners or nails and wooden support structures can suffer from rust and rot. Experts on roof repairs say that this could greatly weaken a roof’s structural integrity and make it more vulnerable when the next storm comes.

Lowered Energy Efficiency

In some cases, moisture can affect the roof’s insulation. This can cause the insulation to deteriorate at a quick pace and compromise your roof’s ability to keep your home energy efficient. Unfortunately, damaged roof insulation usually requires completely cutting out the damaged parts and replacing it with a new layer, which often requires extensive work.

Minimizing Moisture Damage

Although roofs are always at risk of moisture damage, it is possible to avoid moisture-related damage from occurring in the first place. This is only possible by contacting a certified roofing contractor and having your roof inspected on a regular basis (at least once or twice a year). This way, it’s possible to detect the early signs of moisture-related problems and they can be addressed even before they cause any meaningful damage.

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