Reasons Why You Should Beware of Low Roofing Bids

A low roofing bid or estimate can be attractive at first glance. However, there’s the saying: “if the price is too good to be true, it probably is”. In today’s post, the local roof repair contractors at Progressive Remodeling & Roofing Company shares insight on why you should be wary of low roofing bids.

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Materials May Be of Low Quality

Ask the prospective contractor for a copy of the bill or list of materials. This is a list of everything that will be used for building the new roof, from the main roofing material, down to the type of fasteners. If you’re having asphalt shingles installed, it should be the exact same material you have discussed and not a “similar” product. For metal roofs, it should clearly indicate the profile and gauge. Materials like decking and underlayment should likewise be different. Make it a point to check associated costs such as tear-off and disposal: if these are not in the bid, you may end up paying extra to have the old roofing removed and hauled off.

They May Be Trying Too Hard to Make Your Budget Work

Whether it’s a new roof or storm damage roof repair, budget a key component of every roofing project. Be wary of contractors who ask you right off the bat what your budget is because they will make your project fit within it and include low-quality products or options, or cut corners on labor. If you have a budget in mind, always have an overhead for it. Also, keep in mind that there are various financing options available if you don’t have funding on hand.

They May Not Have After-Sales Benefits

A roofing contractor’s commitment to your roof doesn’t end with installation. Roofing warranties typically last for many years, sometimes as long as the roof’s expected life span. Check the roofer’s quotation and see if it includes warranty coverage (you should have both factory and workmanship warranties), and if they do, how many years the coverage will be. Some manufacturers offer warranty coverage at different levels, and it is likely that your prospective contractor has put in an entry-level tier to reduce the bid price. Ultimately, you have to review each bid and estimate and make sure that every detail is correct before you commit to one.

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