What Are Roof Soffits

Roofs may seem uninteresting to some but in reality, their complexity makes them special. Are you familiar with the word ‘soffit?’ The word refers to “something fixed underneath.” Soffit is basically a finishing material, which can be cement or wood, that is placed to cover the underside of your roof overhang by roofing contractors. 

Roof Soffits

It is known as a primary part of your roof’s rafters and has multiple functions, which is proof that it is worth investing in. Here are reasons why you should prioritize having soffits in your home from your roofing contractor:

a. Pests can cause damage to your roof, electrical systems and may also contribute to unhealthy air quality. The soffit keeps small animals from slipping into your home through the roofline or gutters and nesting in your attic. Ensure that roofing companies have it checked and repaired.

b. It helps your building breathe. Soffit’s material is made as a passive ventilation unit for an attic. It maintains the warm moisture in the air from entering a condensing wind and creating mold. So to avoid roof repairs, note that a soffit is the most common and easy way to protect your roof frame and achieve air circulation to keep your building healthy.

c. Note that without proper protection of soffit, rain and moisture can make their way into your home. It prevents water from blowing into your home. If you are residing in a humid area, rain and wind can push water under the eaves. This may cause roof leaks. Guarantee that you’ll be able to reach a local roofer when this happens.

Moreover, instead of choosing just any roofer for a critical storm repair job like roof replacement, it’s best to turn to a company that has extensive experience in storm damage restoration projects for residential and commercial properties. Call Progressive Remodeling & Roofing Company at (833) 385-0685  or fill out our online contact form to get started. Visit our Facebook page.

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