Why a Complete Tear-Off Matters in a Roof Replacement

A roof that is already past its lifespan or has suffered extensive damage because of a violent storm needs to be replaced right away. This major home improvement requires time and effort; if not done right, the project will only go to waste.

Complete tear-off roof replacement

In this project, you have two choices: have the old roof removed or have the new roof installed over the existing structure. As the leading roofing contractor in the area, we recommend that you select the former. Here’s why:

A Brand New Roof

A complete tear-off is your best bet because everything will be brand new once the project is complete. New flashings, for instance, protect your home from moisture intrusion. By removing the old roof first before installing the new one, your new roofing material of choice is expected to last long. Installing new shingles over the existing roof traps heat and adds weight to the structure, leading to a myriad of problems that require premature repair or replacement.

Fixing Underlying Issues

Keep in mind that your roof has many components apart from the shingles that you see on the surface. Even if there’s no sign of superficial damage, it might have issues on the parts that are obscured from view, which will require a thorough inspection. By tearing off the old roof prior to installation, the roof replacement pros can get a look at what’s underneath.

Worthy Investment

A complete tear-off might be a bit more expensive than a roof overlay, but it comes with the great benefits of a newly-installed roof. Despite the need to secure permits and other considerations, you can get a high-quality roof that won’t see frequent repairs for a long time.

Count on Progressive Remodeling & Roofing for your storm damage restoration needs. Our team of expert roofers is highly-skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to roof repairs and replacements. Call us today at (941) 468-3852 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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