Why Florida Homeowners Should Not Skimp on Attic Ventilation

Many people overlook roof ventilation when planning their roof replacement. However, it is nevertheless an important part of a sloped roof, especially one that’s located in climates like we have in Florida. In today’s post, the local roof repair contractors at Progressive Remodeling & Roofing Company share an overview of why roof ventilation is an important consideration for homeowners in Florida.

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Attic Ventilation Helps Prevent Roofing Damage

Heat and moisture from indoor living spaces tend to rise, which collects in the attic. Insufficient ventilation can result in heat and moisture getting trapped in the attic, which can cause damage to critical parts of the roofing structure. Components made of wood could warp and rot, while fasteners and other components made of metal may corrode. Also, most types of insulation are vulnerable to damage from direct contact with moisture. Keeping the attic cool and dry through proper ventilation can help prevent such kinds of damage.

Parts of an Attic Ventilation System

Like other types of ventilation systems, attic ventilation has two key components: exhaust and intake vents. Since warm air tends to rise, roof exhaust vents are located at the ridges. This is why roof peaks are never built with a closed top. The open peaks are covered by specially-designed ridge vents that allow airflow but prevent leaves and debris from getting into the attic. Vented warm air creates negative pressure in the attic, which pulls cool and fresh air through intake vents located at the roof soffits.

The vents at the ridges and soffits need to be built at the right size. Ridge vents that are too narrow would bottleneck hot air; too wide and it would let insects and small animals into the attic. The same applies to soffit vents: narrow intake vents are far less efficient, while leaving them too wide open can make the roof vulnerable to wind uplift and result in high storm damage roof repair costs. Ventilation for large roofs can be bolstered with exhaust fans, as depicted in the photo above.

Climate In Florida

All sloped roofs need attic ventilation regardless of geography. However, attic ventilation is essential to homes located in warm and humid areas, which is exactly what we have in Florida. If you happen to live near coastal areas, trapped salt air in the attic can place metal components in your roof at greater risk of corrosion.

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