Why Roofing Loads Are Important When Replacing a Roof

To be able to protect whatever is underneath it, your roof has to be able to withstand the constant pressure that is constantly pushing down on it from all directions. The amount of weight a roof is able to support depends on its design. Before undertaking a roof replacement or installation project, it is very important that you have a basic understanding of the different types of roofing loads. 


Dead Loads

Roofs are designed to support their own weight. Deads loads refer to the weight of the roofing structure, its permanent components, as well as the construction materials that were used. A load of a roof is measured by pounds per square foot. Your typical asphalt shingle roof will usually have a dead load of about 15 pounds per square foot while heavier roofing materials such as slate or clay tile can have a dead load of as much as 27 pounds per square foot.

Live Loads

As the name suggests, live loads are the weight of temporary objects on the roof. For instance, if your roofing contractor is working on your roof, their weight plus the weight of the equipment they carry are considered as live loads. Your roof should be designed to support its own weight, as well as any anticipated live loads. 

Uplift Loads

To put it simply, uplift loads are the upward force that the wind may exert on your roof. When a breeze hits the exterior of your building, it disperses along the wall and will send the wind towards the roof. Your roof must be able to resist this uplift. 

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