What to Expect

Storm Damage Roofing Company – Experience Matters

Step 1: The Roof Inspection

At Progressive Remodeling and Roofing your initial storm damage roof repair inspection with us is 100% free and without obligation. One of our field assessors will inspect your roof, gutters, vent caps, siding and other elements for any signs of damage from wind, hail or debris. They will also check for broken, loose and missing shingles. Your field assessor will document all evidence of damage with digital photos before discussing their findings and suggestions with you.

storm damage roofing company

Step 2: Storm Damage Roof Inspection

When the claim is filed, most insurance companies will inform you that an adjuster will contact you within 24 hours with a date and time for them to come out and inspect your roof and assess your property. When the adjuster contacts you, the first step is to be sure to get your claim number. You should also get the adjuster’s full name, office phone number, cell phone number and email address.

Provided that you sign an Insurance Repair Contingency Contract giving us permission to meet with your insurance company on your behalf, we will meet with your insurance adjuster on your roof at the designated appointment time.

Our roofing company will be on-site during the adjuster’s meeting to ensure that all storm damage is properly noted. It is important that you work with an experienced roofer as some adjusters only look out for the best interest of the insurance company, not the property owner. With your signed agreement, we would be representing you and looking out for your best interest to ensure that your claim is handled fairly and that all damages to your roof are properly noted by the insurance company. We want to see you get the most fair and honest assessment of your damages!

Step 3: Storm Damage Roof Repair Agreement

After your insurance company has agreed to cover the storm damage roof repair needed for your home, the adjuster will give you a summary report, also known as an Insurance Scope of Loss. Once you’ve provided a copy of that summary report to our office, we will go through the report to verify that there are no discrepancies. We will then schedule another appointment with you to discuss the details of the contract, including your selection of shingle options. We bring shingle samples to you so you can see the colors, designs and textures we offer.

Step 4: Roofing Company Delivery of Materials

Once you’ve chosen your shingle and agreed to the terms of the Materials Contract, your order is then passed over to our Production Development Team. A few days prior to the beginning of your roof replacement, we will contact you regarding the delivery and placement of your materials and dumpster, if needed. Once your materials are delivered, a representative from our company will confirm the accuracy of the delivery with our vendor.

Step 5: The Roof Replacement and Installation

Prior to the actual installation, one of our representatives will take note of anything that requires extra protection and document with digital photos. Once the crew is on-site and begins working, our representative will be there throughout the installation process to ensure the crew has everything they need and to make sure you’re getting the quality job that we promised.

Step 6: The Final Roof Inspection

Upon completion of installation, we will come out and complete a thorough inspection to ensure that the work was done correctly and that you are completely satisfied with your roof repair or replacement. At that time, your file will be turned over to our billing department. They will then send your insurance company a completion certificate so that any recoverable depreciation your insurance company is holding will be released to you. The billing department will also send you a final invoice for you to submit your final payment for the work completed.

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